Un-Constitutional Non-Sense

'Sanctuary city' Murder

This is what you get when the nation's security and the safety of American citizens is put at a lower priority than political correctness.

An illegal immigrant, deported 5 times previously and arrested months ago, killed Kathryn Steinle, 32, while she was on an outing with family in San Francisco.

The killing was apparently totally random and unprovoked.  Here are some details of the Story.

Thank San Francisco's 'Sanctuary city' status and Barack Hussein 0bama's lax border protection and policy of welcoming illegal aliens.


And within 24 hours of that murder a 4-time deported illegal alien killed his wife by beating her with a hammer in Texas. (Let's all get outraged and ban hammers!)

And now a 6-times deported illegal alien has run down a woman and her two small children in Arizona while stoned.


What will it take for enough Americans to be outraged by the catastrophe of an open border and reluctance to deport illegals to truly protect the southern border and permanently remove alien violent criminals?  YOU are the power in the USA.  Use it!  Tell your representatives you want them to fulfill their oath of office and protect the Constitution and the nation.

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